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If you can't be in two places at one time, are burning the candle at both ends or just plain need someone to do stuff for you.  We are the ones for the job.  We are professional, courteous, knowledgeable and organized.  Let us be your third hand...You won't regret it.


Pick Up

List of errands

Is your to do list overflowing? Give us a call!

Woman trying to do it all
The Honey Do List!

Is this you trying to juggle it all?

Examples of the services we offer:

  • Shopping - anything from groceries to specialty items

  • Taking pets to appointments

  • Having your car serviced

  • Arranging for home improvements - or yard care

  • Meeting the cable guy while you are at work

  • Deliver documents

  • Pick up dry cleaning

  • Stand in the DMV line

Is your "to do" list longer than you would like?

$40 per hour*

- Plus costs of purchases

- Including car expenses in the Anchorage area

* Fee for credit card transactions

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